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Brick and Mortar Location with Authentic Pushcart Service

Located at the corners of Liberty and Long Avenue in Hillside, NJ — serving the best Hot Dogs, Sausages and Knockwurst! Stop by for the best Hot Dog in the state of NJ!

————— FREE Parking! —————
—— Wide Selection of Hot Dogs ——
—– Sausages and Knockwurst too —–
– Order Online – Delivery or Takeout –
Easy Access from Rt22! (East or West)
——– Unlimited FREE toppings! ——–


Top 10 Finalist 2018

“No Jersey hot dog vendor is kookier or more colorful than Randy Pollack, AKA Randy the Hot Dog Guy, whose cart, boat, supply shed and soon-to-be-completed hot dog truck are crammed into a lot practically underneath Route 22. He is the dispenser of random wit and wisdom, and you strike up a conversation at your own risk. Don’t forget to check out the first hot dog cart on the moon, out back. “

N.J.’s best hot dog joint: The 10 finalists revealed! –

#5. Randy the Hot Dog Guy, Hillside 2017

“There is no more colorful hot dog vendor in New Jersey than Randy the Hot Dog Guy in Hillside. Lovably nutty Randy Pollack is a self-described “oddball with a hot dog truck” and “God’s gift to capitalism.”

Pollack sells a variety of hot dog brands, which separates him from most others, but the schtick is priceless. “

N.J.’s 25 best hot dog joints, ranked –

An underdog, with relish

“The bushy-mustached Hillside hot dog man works from a cart plastered with band stickers (Disgruntled Postal Workers, Transplants, MeTalkPretty) as cars and trucks race and rumble by on Route 22, just overhead.

“Randy the Hot Dog Guy” proclaims a mustard-yellow sign in front of the cinder-blocked, peaked-roof building, wedged into a narrow lot across the street from a Popeye’s. Randy Pollack calls himself a “fat, middle-aged guy with a cell phone selling hot dogs,” but that doesn’t quite do him justice. “

An underdog, with relish –

The Promised Rand